Our Statement

La Cohoba Magazine was humbly born surrounded by good conversation and smoke, and grew out by the kindness of the ones who extended their hands in support.. Our publication is an ambitious project, if you look at the quality of the magazine itself, you will notice our seriousness and dedication. It was our intention to bring stories of tobacco and general interest, art and especially good taste in two languages, English & Spanish, and we have achieved this despite the prognosis of many who said it would be impossible.

It is gratifying to be known as a serious advertising media company that chooses honesty over the temptation of prosperity. Thank you everyone, for the smoke and good conversation.

La Cohoba Magazine delves into the smoky saloons and listens to reputable tabacconists and new ones with the same respect. 

                                           Ad Guerra

                                                                                Editior & Publisher

The Taino  Indians, who were polytheists in their worship,  communicated with their Gods (Zemies or Cemies: figures of various shapes and sizes) through a state of hallucination acquired on the inhale of a powder through a tool of cane hollow and in the form of Y; a ritual that they called “La Cohoba” even though there are many inaccuracies in the content of the powder used, some sources suggest a mixture of powder from the tobacco leaf and root seeds with hallucinogenic power. Yopo or possibly cassava was used considering that the Taino’s god was The Greater Yucahu-Bagua-Maorocoti: “The God of the cassava”. The Cohoba Cigar Magazine takes its name from there and tries to rescue the history that has accompanied the tradition of using tobacco.

The meaning of “La Cohoba”

La Cohoba Magazine Advertising Agency Award for 3 consecutive years (2014, 2015 & 2016) by Miami Business Award Program